My Profile

My name is Barbara, I was born in Wrexham and I currently live in North Wales with my husband.

At 9 years old I won a National Milk Marketing Board Competition, with a picture of a cartoon cat sitting on a doorstep waiting rather impatiently for the milkman to appear (with a caption on the wall alongside the cat).  This prompted someone to say “Well Done”, and this praise, along with my teachers enthusiasm gave me the encouragement I needed to keep drawing and painting.

From school I went into the Health Service (which was thought to be a more acceptable career at the time), but I always continued to draw and paint when I could.  After retiring, I renewed my interest and undertook a Diploma in Art and Design at Deeside College.

My style is contemporary,  I am interested in the use of colour and texture and have undertaken a variety of subjects including cityscapes.

What do I paint?  I paint what interests me and makes me take a second look.  I try to capture the atmosphere and stimulate a response to my work and hope that the viewer of the work will feel a sense of the moment.  A picture may capture a certain time and place, a moment can provoke forgotten memories or encourage the future.  

More recently, I have become known for my seascapes and landscape paintings of the ever changing surrounding countryside of Snowdonia National Park and the Welsh Coastline.  Wales is beautiful, with dramatic scenery, the mountains and valleys on a rainy day can be grey and bleak, but when the sun shines through it completely changes.  We do live on an island  and the seas can be forceful and also very beautiful, but we are a hardy lot with our boots, macs and brollies.

Although I have had considerable success with landscapes and seascapes, I continue on the journey towards producing my own personal style which includes the need to experiment with new ideas and to expand my skills and knowledge.

I was chosen to exhibit at Pendith Gallery in Caernarvon, and have also exhibited locally, including the Wrexham Open and the North Wales Open Exhibitions. 

I do undertake commissions and if you would like to discuss any of my work,  please do not hesitate to contact me on 07941381151